Complete guide to quilting

Many individuals are very much interested in a process of different types of sewing projects in order to showcase their innovations on their own or other’s clothing. From among the various types of sewing, quilting is basically a specific sewing process which is going to sew two or more layers of the clothes together in order to make the thickest padded materials. This process is usually followed by the sewers to make a quilt or the quilted fabric. In general, the quilting is done with the three layers as the top garment or it is also known as quilt top, batting or the insulating material and as well as the backing material. According to the personal preferences of the sewers, you can make quilting in the various styles and designs as you need.

Understanding a process of quilting:

When the beginner or intermediate sewers are considering the quilting process, it actually uses a thread and needle for joining two or more numbers of fabric layers to create a quilt. In the previous days, the traditional sewers were using only hands to make such quilting fabrics but today the sewers can do this process of quilting just with your sewing machine. When you are working on two or three layers of clothes with the sewing machine, the needle with the thread in the machine will pass through all the layers and then get back a needle up.

The same process will be repeated in the sewing machine across the specific area where you want to do quilting. In order to make the purely decorative and highly functional fabric with the quilts, running, rocking and also straight stitches are used by the sewers. There are different patterns of quilting available according to the type and application of the fabric which you are going to stitch.

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How to make the quilts:

Quilting process is usually done to make the art quilt wall hangings, bed spreads, clothing and also the different types of textile products. Every beginner and intermediate level sewers can show your creativity through this type of quilting activities. The following are the necessary steps which you have to follow in order to do the quilting process.

  • Getting your necessary supplies – For making the quilts of your preferable patterns and styles, it is highly necessary to select the entire necessary cutting tools which are all highly helpful to level a symmetrical quilt. At the same time, it is an important tool to begin with the equal cuts of the fabric pieces.
  • Get a mat for cutting your fabric or you can also use the regular table top to cut your clothing into the pieces.
  • In the next step, you have to make use of the ruler which should be extra wide and long to work the best for your quilting process.
  • Get all sewing basics – Along with these necessary things, you have to also collect some other useful things for your sewing project such as safety pins, straight pins, scissor, and the seam ripper before starting your quilting process.

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